Strawberry Ring

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MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, Red Oyster
DIMENSIONS: Typically 1/2" (1.5cm) wide

  Made of solid Sterling Silver, with a Red Spiny Oyster cabochon. This piece typically takes me 6 hours to make by hand. The completed piece then gets filed and polished (30-45 minutes) before it's cleaned and packed for shipping (another 30 minutes). As with all of my work, it gets several smudges for the intended wearer of the piece and is included in several Thanks Giving Addresses.


  This ring was designed and is made to honor the Strawberries, the leaders of all of the medicine plants. They hold enormous amounts of positive energy as well as other benefits. Holistically they're an excellent healthy additive to your daily diet. (And they taste amazing too!) I strive to make sure that each Strawberry piece I make will honor our gift of Strawberries and carry the deep meaning and soulfulness that's intended.


  My methods are traditional in this design. This is a very unique (trademarked) design that took me over a year of trial and error to get just right, and is one of the very special designs I cannot make a pattern for. Each one still has to be designed from scratch by trial and error every time (mostly for puzzle-matching each separate piece). This is one of my proudest unique designs.


  This pendant can be polished with a soft toothbrush and a non-grit toothpaste or dish soap. As with all sterling silver jewelry, normal care should be taken not to drop or damage the piece. These are strong pieces with the highest quality inlay possible, but sterling silver is still a soft metal and deforms/scratches fairly easily. If your ring has a cabochon that falls out and the stone setting is not damaged, you can use superglue to re-attach it or take it to any jeweler for just a few dollars because this is a common repair.

 * To reduce tarnishing and damage I recommend keeping this piece in the closeable plastic bag provided when not being worn. DO NOT wear this piece during dangerous or laborious work, such as construction!


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