Wampum Dish With One Spoon

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MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, Wampum shell
DIMENSIONS: Typically 3/8" (1cm) wide




  This 'Dish with one spoon' Wampum shell inlaid ring was first made by me in 2015, to honor the Treaty of the same name, and all that it symbolizes.


  Made of solid Sterling Silver, with 2 Wampum inlaid bands around it. This piece typically takes 2 hours to hand make (construct with only hand tools) and clean before inlaying. The inlay process takes 36 to 72 hours to complete. It then gets ground and polished (30-45 minutes) before it's cleaned and packed for shipping (another 30 minutes). As with all of my work, it'll get several smudges for the intended wearer and is included in several Thanks Giving Addresses.


  This design represents caring for & taking care of the earth and all it gives to us. It represents a shared responsibility to our earth and each other by caring for her to keep her inhabitable for many generations to come.  Learn more...


  This piece can be polished with a soft toothbrush and a non-grit toothpaste. As with all inlaid jewelry, normal care should be taken not to drop or damage it. These are strong pieces, with the highest quality inlay possible. But silver is still a soft metal and deforms/scratches fairly easily. To reduce tarnishing and damage I recommend keeping this piece in the plastic bag provided when not being worn, and not wearing this piece during laborious work (such as construction).

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