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 I'm Vince Gant, a 46 year old ODS service vet and  the sole owner, operator, designer, and silversmith of this site and  business.

 In 2006, my interest in silversmithing began when I was overwhelmed with a sense of obligation to rejuvenate our traditionally hand made soulful art.

 It is a great honor to have been taught the fundamentals of
  Traditional silversmithing by two close friends, well known Navajo  silversmiths with over 25 years of experience (at that time).

 Spiritual smithing principles were the most valuable lessons they'd taught me. These methods are rarely shared, and there's few of us who still practice this.

 Due to the high cost of supplies and equipment...I started this business with beadwork, which I did for the first 2 years (2006-2008), until I was hit by a drunk driver in March of 2008. Though significantly reducing my mobility and memory, it afforded me  the tools and materials needed to begin silversmithing.

 I immediately bought tools and began working with what little I remembered from those few classes two years prior. From that moment on the rest has been self taught. All stone working techniques have been entirely self-taught.

 The learning curve for being a self taught web designer, marketer, advertiser, photographer/editor, silversmith and running this type of business (since my first computer) has been very slow but well worth it.

Thanks again for shopping!! Have a great week!

Vince Gant
Chicago IL




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