Fundamentals of Traditional Silversmithing


The key principal to Traditional Silversmithing is the practice of passing on only positive energy to the wearer and future generations through jewelry. This is maintained by smudging and not allowing any negativity to enter my body or my workplace. The hand-making techniques passed down, as well as the use of the same traditional hand-tools and materials, help ensure this process as well. I take this very seriously.

Here's how I start and end each day with a 'happy soul'...


Traditional Smithing

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These short videos give you a quick glimpse at what I put into making QUALITY handmade sterling jewelry:
Hand-Making Sterling Jewelry

Hand-Making Crushed Inlay
Inlaying Your Jewelry

 Each piece will be imperfect as ALL true custom hand made jewelry is. Each one of my creations are one of a kind because of these variations, as well as my trademark stamp.

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