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  Electronic Gift Certificates are the same as buying a gift card from a retailer, but it's done online through PayPal instead. It's also much more eco-friendly than a plastic disposable gift card. There are three common celebration designs of eGift Certificates to chose from above, giving your thoughtful gift that custom look for just the right occasion.

  This is the perfect hassle-free gift idea that gives you more options and takes less time to purchase and print or send via email than a conventional card. Here are some examples of the added benefits of buying an eGift Certificate:

1.  If you're separated by distance from your loved one or friend and you know they'd like something from this site, you can simply buy them a Serenity Silver eGift Certificate and email it to them!

2.  On the go? You can buy and send a Serenity Silver eGift Certificate to their email from your phone, stress free and in just minutes!

3.  Not sure what that special someone would like from this site? Think they'd like to custom order a unique, one of a kind design just for them? You can print out a Serenity Silver eGift Certificate in just minutes before leaving for the party!

4. At the party and had no time to buy a gift? Buy and print or email a Serenity Silver eGift Certificate while at the party!



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