The following is a basic list of what I do to maintain as small of a carbon footprint as possible. The 80% is as close as I can figure, after an evaluation of all involved on a regular business.


- By running a strictly on-line business, the use of electricity (lights/heat, etc) is drastically reduced
- By using primarily web-based transactions, the total amount of paper materials, printer ink, etc. used is reduced
- By using hand tools almost exclusively diminishes my use of electricity (with exception of lighting, computer, final polish)
- I use energy-efficient bulbs for almost all lighting in office and shop, and electronics are only plugged in when in use
- Most supplies and tools not made by me are ordered from reputable Native suppliers
- My silver is most often recycled
- All cardboard, paper, glass, plastic products that come in are either up-cycled or recycled
- The use of glass containers over plastic
- Use of the most eco-safe/water-based flux removes the need for use of a pickling acid, and reduces polish use and time
- By using envelopes instead of boxes (most often), shipping costs are reduced due to less fuel used by carrier and the
  amount of paper and plastic used in shipping is reduced
- My actual silversmithing accounts for approximately 20-30% of the total time involved in running my business, so the
  "Cons" listed below are minimized as well


- As with combustion of any type, there are un-burned gasses that escape (smoke)
- The minimized use of jeweler's epoxy (fingernail glue), acetone (nail polish remover), and silver-black
- The use of polishes (though I've reduced the use time and amount by by more than 50% due to the flux used)
- The minimal use of electricity in the final grind and/or polishing (less than 15% of total construction time on average)
- The use of plastic bubble lined shipping envelopes

If you have any suggestions on how I can further reduce my environmental "footprint", please send me an email.


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