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Your ONLY source for TRULY hand made "Seven Generations tough" jewelry!

There is currently a 4 - 8 week waiting list on new orders

Video shot and edited by Paul Gant. I wrote and created his video to show that less than 20% of all of my labor and income goes into actual jewelry making, the remaining 80% goes into making you aware of my work as well as typical business lights and other utilities, shipping materials, tools, and so on.

Each of my 'Vince Gant Creations' are meticulously hand made using Traditional methods from concept to creation. My designs are truly handmade, meaning that they're made without the use of any electric machinery. Materials used are guaranteed to be genuine, and purchased from Indigenous suppliers as often as possible.

Some of my designs are meaningful teaching tools, while others are simply intended to be enjoyed as personal rewards of art, love and soulful craftsmanship.

I'm bringing heirloom jewelry back in style, so each of my pieces of wearable art are intended to be lovingly passed down by you to your next generation. Start YOUR family's new heirloom jewelry chain today!



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